ODT Watch | Issue 09

ODT Watch | Issue 09

This week the ODT are being heartbreakingly self-aware.


For some reason, there was a lot of feet related content this week.



Really? Because when I walked into the polling booth on my hands and picked up the pen with my prehensile toes, they called me an animal and threw me from the local community hall.


Then, the ODT had a genius plan to make it sound like far more people turned up to a Scottish dancing event than actually did.



Couple of things. 1 - the image of each toe on a foot individually tapping is horrifying. 2 - I will bet all I love and hold dear (which is nothing, ha, got you) that the ODT did not count the toes of all 70 people. 3. I assume “Scottish Dance” means bagpipes, an instrument it is biologically impossible to tap anything to (apart from your lover; trust me, try it).


Then there was this.





And finally, the ODT are officially out of news this week, reporting extensively on the fact that Autumn’s a thing.


This article first appeared in Issue 9, 2019.
Posted 2:06am Friday 26th April 2019 by R. RY, Bachelor of Arts.