Critic Blind Date: Here for O-Week, Here for an O

Critic Blind Date: Here for O-Week, Here for an O

Here for O-Week

I’m doing heath sci this year so I knew that this was going to be my only week off before I had to knuckle down. I also knew that this was probably the only week I had a real shot at getting laid. The castle street parties were cool but I didn’t know how to get from chatting to a chick to actually taking her home. When I saw Critic were looking for people to go on a blind date, I knew that this was my shot.

I had a whole strategy planned out. I didn’t think it’d work in my favour saying that I was a fresher, so I figured that I would just say I was a third year and already had a bunch of work to do. I wanted to seem busy so that she’d be flattered that I was spending my free time on this date. Not quite negging but, you know, close.

Half into dinner by the time she arrived, she didn’t seem all that fazed about not waiting for her, or even who I was, really. We exchanged names and I told her I was a suuuper busy med student, but was keen to get to know someone romantically. She must have sensed that if she didn’t show her interest soon enough that I’d have to leave, and to my surprise she asked me to leave with her immediately. I didn’t even get to finish my fries! The night was certainly an O-Week event to remember ;)


Here for an O

I’ve hooked up with people on tinder, bumble, Her, and even randoms from snapchat. I’m a third year, so I’ve nearly done it all, but I’d never actually got onto Critic’s blind date until now.

When I turned up he was already hooning into a meal. I didn’t mind cos I like a guy with a bit of appetite. He seemed embarrassed that he hadn’t waited for me and said something about how busy he was and hadn’t eaten all that day. Fair enough. I asked what his name was and he offered me a kind of awkward hand shake, but at least he hadn’t clearly been predrinking like half the other blind date dudes seem to do. 

From my experience med students usually have shit chat, so I figured that the less we spoke, the better the night would be for both of us. I just wanted to tick this off my bucket list, so I invited him back to mine. The root was ave.

This article first appeared in Issue 1, 2019.
Posted 8:39pm Thursday 21st February 2019 by Critic.