Mr Sandler, Bring Me a Dream: Click

Mr Sandler, Bring Me a Dream: Click

I’m not gonna lie, I’m getting a bit emotional. This is my last Adam Sandler review for the year, and what a journey we have been on. After 18 films, a discourse analysis on brand identity, and one terrible comedy album, I still question why I set myself up to do this. 

I don’t think people realise just how emotionally taxing and draining this has been. His smug face and stupid yell has haunted me for months. But I’m glad I could do this service for you all, and I hope you’ve enjoyed it. Since the start of writing this column, I always knew I would save this film for last. It fucked me up like no other. 

Click is quite possibly Adam Sandler’s best film. No wait, it IS his best film. I don’t think I’ve ever been so compelled or moved by a film – and that’s no joke. I literally just bawled my eyes out. I don’t even know what I feel or how to deal with these emotions. 

Click is a 2006 Sandler film, in which he goes to Bed Bath and Beyond and meets Morty (played by CHRISTOPHER BLOODY WALKEN). He offers him a universal remote for free, but here’s the twist. This is a UNIVERSAL remote, as in it controls the universe! Whack right? By now, you’re probably thinking, “man this sounds like another churned out Sandler film,” but the fun’s only beginning. 

He can control everything, never has to deal with the bad stuff ever again. At this point, this film is still a comedy, using the typical Sandler jokes of women’s bodies and racism. 

And then it fucking flips out of nowhere. 

The most pivotal part is when he skips forward to his death bed (shortly after his son’s wedding) and is confronted by Morty – who turns out to be the angel of death. After his kids leave his hospital room, he runs after them in the rain calling out for them, and dies around his family that he never saw. 

But then, he literally wakes up and realizes he fell asleep in Bed Bath and Beyond and finds it was all a dream. 

Now I don’t know if it’s because I have my period (@Harlene don’t confiscate this issue) or not, but I fucking wept. This film is so unbelievably sad. Because it starts off all fun and goofy and you prepare for a classic Sandler film then BAM. EMOTIONS. FEELINGS. NEVER SPENDING TIME WITH YOUR FAMILY AND LOSING LOVED ONES. It just hits with no warning. It sounds super cheesy in premise, but the emotion he gets when he realizes his kids have grown up without him and he wasn’t there really gets ya. The last part where he chases his kids in the rain had me WAILING. And yes, the ending is slightly cheesy but after watching this emotional roller coaster it’s nice to see everything pan out. At first you dislike Sandler’s character, but you grow to empathize with him after watching his turmoil. This film made me feel so many different emotions, and made me want to tell my mum I love her. 

I advise watching Click if you’re ready to have your heart taken out and trampled on. It goes nicely with some easy listening to Space Song by Beach House. It will fuck you up, and I’m gonna go cry just a little bit more.

This article first appeared in Issue 25, 2018.
Posted 5:41pm Thursday 27th September 2018 by Henessey Griffiths.