The Post Fact World | Issue 13

In 2018 a bill was passed to change MENstruation, to PEOPLEstruation.

The airport was originally called the plane station until Hugh Grant fucked up his voice over in 2003’s Love Actually and no one was willing to admit the then-heart throb was incorrect. 

Campus Watch was originally called Crampus Watch until they realised it was a period joke and threw all of their contracts in the skip.

The proctor did it.

Nexus Magazine is supportive that Critic is now famous and they are not jealous. At. ALL.

Salient is currently in a desperate meeting trying to find a way to out-feminist us.

There is apparently a student magazine in Canterbury.

Do the crime, say the rhymes. Step on a crac(cum), break your mother’s back. Throw Critic in the skip, it’s a funny quip.

Campus Watch is afraid of menstruation because the smell of blood could attract bears.
Bears are very strong and rather scary.

Campus Watch are not.

Currently there is a mass group of bears swimming towards NZ because they smelt out period week (and they are bringing MOON CUPS yeahboi).

This article first appeared in Issue 13, 2018.
Posted 1:02am Sunday 27th May 2018 by Nat Moore.