Advice On How To Be A Fifth Year And Increase Your Social Media Following

Advice On How To Be A Fifth Year And Increase Your Social Media Following

By the time you get to fifth year/5 years +, you find yourself living alone in St Clair or a random hill/valley somewhere else in Dunedin. Your Facebook page is rusty and as a cohort, you’re averaging 20 likes per Instagram post. While there is nothing wrong with living in the real world, psychology says that the younger generation’s strong presence on social media does suggest that they think they’re more cool. And that’s a problem.

In classic Kell and Zo style, we’ve introduced you with a problem and now we’re gonna solve it. That’s just how great we are. 

A classic example of a “late-phase” social media comeback, is the new new-Dunedin-sound band, The Shitz. Starting bands takes you to a whole new floor in the department of social media. You can do gig posts, date releases, extra ticket sales, sold out notifications, change of location notifications, sweet merch deals. And the best part is, people don’t get pissed off at all these updates, because the less organised you are the more rock and roll you are. 

Founding your own “designer brand” follows along the lines of starting a band in terms of “late-phase” comebacks. Literally branding clothing with your brand really helps your version of cool get out there, and then people associate your brand of cool as cool. If you start off small-time selling directly to the customer, you’re pretty kosher. When you get some mellow pics up on your Instagram page, you’re even cooler. 

Not sure if your picked up on this, but doing things that revolve around engaging with and expanding audiences really transcends the real world/social media boundary. And that is because social media is all about branding and expansion of image communication. 

If you are a hard-working type, we can advise you to dip your toes deep into the pool of clubs and socs. Clubs are great because they give you a hierarchy of executives to work your way up. You need to jump on this bandwagon pretty early though because making it takes a few years. But when you get to the top, you can pretty much say and do whatever you want on the club social media page and people will blindly like it.

If this is too much for your introverted self, have you ever considered becoming an RA? The great thing about being an RA is that it puts you in direct contact with the target audience (freshers). RAs pretty much have free rein over the social media lives of their residents. You can organise BYOs, whole floor pranks, silent discos, movie nights and beers, floor snapchat chats and finally floor Instagram pages, as a permanent record of first year antics.

Remember you brave soldiers combating the harsh zone of conflict that is social media…you can use the real world to enhance your social media status. Worst comes to worst just beg the Critic Editor for a chance to write a shitty column each week. It hasn’t worked out too well for us yet, but you never know.

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Ka kite,

Aunt Kell and Mumma Zo

This article first appeared in Issue 12, 2018.
Posted 5:43pm Thursday 17th May 2018 by Zoe Taptiklis-Haymes and Kelly Davenport.