Lez Feminables | Issue 05

Lez Feminables | Issue 05

Talking 'Bout My Inflammations

Talking loudly and incessantly at people, sadly, canít always solve some problems. Here are some private issues answered, so you donít have to talk to people you actually know about your sordid secrets.

So my best mate just came out, what if he has a crush on me? What do I do? Iím not into him!
Heís probably not into you, either! Jesus H Christchurch, are you attracted to every female friend of yours? Sorry, sorry. This is just such a common question, mostly received from people who are not Fabio. Heís the same old mate of yours that he was before he came out. If heís flirting outrageously with you, yeah, maybe heís got a crush! But friends can move past that, right? Talk it out with pizza, the worldís best mediator.

When should I lose my v-card? Iím not in high school anymore, and Iím not sure whatís expected of me?
Losing your virginity can be a big deal for some (and for others it isnít, which is also fine, because the concept of ďvirginityĒ is mostly socially constructed and deeply flawed Ė but thatís a rant for another day). What you choose to do with another person (or yourself) and when you choose to do it are dependent on how comfortable the two (or one, or five, whatever) of you feel. You donít have to have sex ever, or you can have it on the first date! Itís completely up to you, and anyone who judges your decision can fuck right off. Donít pressure anyone into sexual activity. Oh, and stay safe, use protection, donít share needles etc. etc.

I think I might have an STD or something. Can I get that checked at Student Health? Is it awkward?
Yes, you can go to Student Health and no, it wonít be awkward. When I got my first cervical smear I asked them to scrape a little extra for an STI check, and made a point of telling the nurse that her small talk about the wonderful weather we were having wasnít distracting from the metal speculum stretching my insides open (this does not happen in your average STI inspection, dw). Speaking openly about whateverís awkward for you will fill the silence, if not totally lessen the tension. The team at Student Health is friendly and efficient, and they seem to be pleased when students take responsibility for their sexual health, so go on, kid! Make their day! Tip: drink water before you go, as there is a high chance youíll have to pee into a cup.
This article first appeared in Issue 5, 2013.
Posted 6:30pm Sunday 24th March 2013 by Glitter Grrl.