Takeaways: Week 5

Takeaways: Week 5

Something to watch

5 Broken Cameras 
5 Broken Cameras is a documentary film from the perspective of Emad, a Palestinian man who captured first-hand the protests in Bil’in – a West Bank village that struggled against Israeli settlements encroaching on their land from 2005. The film’s title comes from the destruction of his cameras as he films arrests, injuries, and the death of friends and family in their protest. It’s a raw watch, and an insight into Palestine’s long-standing violence, told from the perspective of those being occupied.

Something to read

Your course readings
When the going gets tough, the tough get going, or whatever the saying is. But the going perhaps would be less tough if you did your readings. It’s like ten minutes of reading (assuming you aren't a med student doing full textbooks in a week), so put TikTok down and just do them. Bonus points if it's a tutorial reading: it makes it look, to your tutor, like you care, and they have to deal with a room full of people who are too scared to answer questions despite having been fed the answers for several hours a week.

Something to listen to

Are you mentally prepared to hear the worst playlist Spotify can curate? Well Spotify’s ‘Intimate Mix’ is arguably the worst sex playlist of all fucking time. There's like a bajillion other godawful, downright terrible mixes if ‘Intimate Mix’ isn’t your forte, such as “Pirate Mix” or “Angry Driving Mix”. And here I was thinking that Spotify limited their shitty features to free users as a way to make them buy premium and get away from the stupid shit.

Something to go to

It’s getting to the stressful hump of the semester. Assignments are piling up, and mid-sem being called a “break” is laughable. Treat yourself and your friends to a BYO the night after a hand-in for some booze-induced stress relief. Bring a coin, and sneak it into your most chronically busy friend’s drink as many times as possible (the rule being that they then have to down said drink). 

Something to support

The Hemingway study method
For the BA guys and girlies out there (and any other essay-based degree), I urge you to try the Hemingway study method the next time you need to pump out an essay. It’s the night before it’s due, you’ve spent the day agonising over a blank page, and the panic is setting in. Break through the writer’s block by uncorking a bottle of red, blasting some tunes, and parking up in the lounge. You’ll be amazed at how much easier the words will flow – even better if it’s with pen and paper. Get a little crazy with it. Just make sure to edit the word vomit the next day, but you can’t make pots without clay.

Something to cancel

Swiping through Tinder just to find your ex
We’ve all done it. We all know it’s bad, but we’ve done it anyway – even if it wasn’t intentional. If you’re swiping through Tinder while still living in the same city as your ex, you can’t help but feel the thrill of each swipe as it brings you closer to the inevitable profile of your formerly beloved, like those little rats in psychology experiments endlessly pushing buttons just in case they get a treat. But seriously, quit it. It’s not good for you bby.

This article first appeared in Issue 5, 2024.
Posted 3:41pm Saturday 23rd March 2024 by Critic.