Booze Review: Ginger Bear

Booze Review: Ginger Bear

I love these little fellas like you wouldn’t believe.

With a name like Ginger Bear, it would be too easy to make a joke about being fucked in my ass by a 300+ pound, ginger-haired, Todd-from-Breaking-Bad-looking guy. So I won’t.

Crimson Badger Brewing’s Ginger Bear is the perfect reintroduction to a medium of drinks that have otherwise paled in quality over the years. Alcoholic ginger beer has struggled to find a footing amongst the casual drinkers of NZ, partly due to lack of selection, but mostly due to a nation-wide trauma induced by Little Fat Lamb (RIP).

Ginger Bear is so spicy, sweet, and gingery at its base, it’s surprising there is any alcohol in it at all. This makes it a terrific option for those that want a guilt-free drink before attending their AA meeting. As a self-professed ginger beer aficionado, I have always backed my Bundaberg against the evils of the many Pepsi-Co’s of the world. I believed no one could hold a candle to Bundaberg, but Ginger Bear comes incredibly close.

The rising popularity of this brew cannot be understated; even your most hardened pubs are starting to keep it on tap, and for good reason as it’s incredibly delicious. You can pick up a six pack for around $21 at most liquor stores. The price is a little steep for those getting on the rark, but what 19-year-old is showing up to drinks with a six pack of ginger beer anyway?

These things come with a no-remorse guarantee. It’s impossible to feel bad with a pint of Ginger Bear in your hand, especially considering these are entirely gluten-free. If you’re the odd one out at the pub that physically can’t process bread-water, you can fit in with one of these. In fact, I’ll join you.

Crimson Badger also offers a rum and ginger beer mix, dubbed Dark & Grizzly, which is most likely the best RTD to grace the market. However, at $9 a can, I can’t justify drinking it for anything other than the novelty. Mix your own rum and ginger beer while staring at the can to gaslight yourself into thinking it’s better than it is.

I genuinely hope these drinks continue to surge in popularity. The RTD market is saturated with mediocrity, as it is driven by dumb trends (water-based RTDs?) as opposed to products of genuine quality. Ginger Bear stands out well ahead of the pack, even if bears aren’t pack animals.


Tasting notes: Like a Ratatouille flashback to drinking ginger beer as a child.

Chugability: 8/10. You could chug it, but you’re not that rich.

Hangover depression level: 1/10. It’s impossible to source enough of these to get drunk.

Overall: 10/10. Pls send us some, I beg of you.

This article first appeared in Issue 10, 2023.
Posted 1:37pm Sunday 7th May 2023 by Albert Einsteinlager.