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This week, we have an image provided by Elias. We got last week’s entry correct, the photos from Joe were taken at Cecil King’s Hut in Kahurangi National Park and the Khemarin Palace in Cambodia. You can’t hide from Critic, Joe.

First Thoughts: Looks like Tatooine. I’m thinking North Africa, maybe Tunisia. Looks like a mosque. Definitely doable.

First thing’s first: let’s try to find that minaret. I’m gonna google “blue minaret Tunisia” and see what we get. Hmm, lots and lots of very similar ones, but none with the blue going down the sides like this one. I definitely think it’s Tunisia, though. But maybe not, what if we drop Tunisia from the search? 

Bang, there it is. It’s a mosque in Fez, Morocco. But that’s not the end of the search, we’ve still got to pinpoint where we are on Google Earth. There are several mosques in Fez, and I’m not sure which one this is. And great, none of them appear as 3D buildings. Guess we’re going back to Google Images. Okay, after a bit of wandering around, I can say that it’s R'cif Mosque, Fez. Now let’s angle up our image…

Turns out it’s pretty tricky to pinpoint the exact location. In this view of R'cif, I can see the round object in the foreground of the original image, so that’ll have to do for now.

Final answer: Roof of the Place Seffarine, Fez, Morocco. Took me about ten minutes to find the mosque, and then about 30 trying to find that round thing. Not sure about how close this one was, though, so we’ll have to wait and see what Elias says…

This article first appeared in Issue 13, 2022.
Posted 7:10pm Sunday 29th May 2022 by Mr. Worldwide.