Woof! has “Busiest Week of Year” after Hit with Anti-Vax Negativity

Posted 12:37am Saturday 23rd April 2022 by Annabelle Vaughan

Local Dunedin bar Woof has faced some backlash for continuing to use vaccine passes, despite the government dropping vaccine mandates on April 4. Owner Dudley Benson spoke to Critic Te Arohi about what it’s been like, and how vital the community’s support has been in this Read more...

DSC Voted Best Bar

Posted 2:00am Monday 9th August 2021 by Fox Meyer

Well, here we are. DSC won Critic’s inaugural Bar Bracket. We started this bracket because we thought DSC’s third-place ranking by our staff was too high, and now it has come out on top. Democracy doesn’t always lead to the results you want. The bracket system and bar selection Read more...

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