Vigil Held For Ukraine

Posted 2:40am Sunday 8th May 2022 by Zak Rudin

CW: War crimes, assault A candle-lit vigil was held in the lower Octagon to commemorate the innocent victims killed in Ukraine by the Russian military. Around 60 people were present at the event, with attendees expressing a mixture of sadness, anger and fatigue over the ongoing, violent Read more...

UNICEF report shows bleak picture of child poverty in New Zealand

Posted 10:30am Sunday 21st August 2016 by Joe Higham

A UNICEF report has revealed that as many as 305,000 New Zealand children, or 28 percent, currently live below the poverty line. Alone this is problematic, but alongside this is the cost it has on society. The report detailed it costs $10 billion year on year, as well as a $2 billion burden on Read more...

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