Science, Bitches | Issue 11

Posted 12:07pm Sunday 15th May 2016 by Chris Sadler

"Climate Change ignorance” used to be bliss. It used to be all-good to not care. Now it has become a more obvious problem and we reach new levels of stubbornness as we continue to ignore this elephant in the room. The earth’s climate has already changed, so let’s talk Read more...

Science, Bitches | Issue 10

Posted 12:39pm Sunday 8th May 2016 by Sam Fraser-Baxter

Dolphins are the chimpanzees of the sea. We share about 96 percent of our DNA with chimpanzees. That’s because we share the same genetic history; we evolved from common ancestors. We can relate to and empathise with chimpanzees like they’re one of our own. That’s why watching Read more...

Science, Bitches | Issue 9

Posted 12:01pm Sunday 1st May 2016 by Lucy Hunter

"Natural" is defined as existing in nature and not made or caused by people. Many people believe natural products are intrinsically better for you than synthetic ones. Arsenic is natural. Blood poisoning is natural, but wearing clothes is unnatural. AIDS is natural, as are snakebites. A Read more...

Science, Bitches | Issue 8

Posted 12:16pm Sunday 24th April 2016 by Sam Fraser-Baxter

Coral bleaching is one of the adverse affects of global warming we hear about, time and time again in the media. Since Al Gore’s fucking-do-something-right-now documentary, An Inconvenient Truth, coral bleaching is a process that is commonly cited along with others such as mass starvation, Read more...

Science, Bitches | Issue 7

Posted 12:05pm Sunday 17th April 2016 by Sam Fraser-Baxter

I wrote this column next week. You probably re-read that last sentence and thought that it’s grammatically incorrect. But no, it’s not. I just time travelled. Time travel is the concept of travelling between points in time, commonly using some kind of ‘time machine’ or Read more...

Science, Bitches | Issue 5

Posted 12:54pm Sunday 3rd April 2016 by Sarah Rosemary

Raging parties, copious amounts of booze, benders and no mum and dad there to tell you what to do… Now you are in an 8am lecture, head throbbing as you join the dawn chorus that is hundreds of your classmates coughing every 10 seconds… welcome to the fresher flu. Every year, 90 Read more...

Science, Bitches | Issue 4

Posted 1:04pm Sunday 20th March 2016 by Vibhuti Patel

Remember the old days, before smartphones were a thing and Nokia reigned supreme? Sure, the cellphones of the early milennium were thick slabs with little more function than to call people and play the odd game of Snake. But they had a battery life that lasted forever and were also extremely Read more...

Science, Bitches | Issue 3

Posted 2:27pm Sunday 13th March 2016 by Critic

With the advent of modern genetics, humans are slowly learning more and more about the hardwiring of our own brains. Each discovery tells us a little more about the way our genetics determine how our bodies will react to environmental stimuli. That is, how our genetics may pre-determine various Read more...

Science, Bitches | Issue 1

Posted 2:37pm Sunday 28th February 2016 by Author Name

Stanley Milgram wanted to see exactly how far people would go when ordered by an authority figure to cause physical pain to another. In the 1960s, he gathered some volunteers and told them that he was conducting a study about the effect of punishment on learning. The volunteers would be the Read more...

Science, Bitches | Issue 26

Posted 3:42pm Sunday 4th October 2015 by Sam Fraser-Baxter

Last time, I argued that the most urgent environmental issue confronting us lies in the environmental perceptions and values we hold today. While global warming, species extinction or deforestation may lead to the eventual collapse of the earth’s ability to sustainably support life, skewed Read more...

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