Can Assuming Bogan Characteristics Enhance Performance While Surfing? A Scientific Expedition

Posted 6:02pm Thursday 8th March 2018

Hello Zukeen magazine is a Dunedin-based arts and culture publication. It’s silly, sexy and stupid. It’s all about young people doing rad shit. If you enjoy any of the following, chances are you’ll enjoy Hello Zukeen: waves, cool noises, people riding things, art, exceptional Read more...

The Jacinda Effect

Posted 2:09pm Tuesday 29th August 2017

The Hunter Centre hosted the Labour Party's health announcement on Friday last week. Labour has been making remarkable ground on National in the polls since Jacinda Ardern replaced Andrew Little as the party’s leader three weeks ago. The atmosphere in the centre was buoyant as two Read more...

Critic Reviews: Spring Break

Posted 9:21am Monday 24th July 2017

It was a typically arctic night, as just over a thousand scarfies flooded into the Union Hall for OUSA’s Spring Break event on the Thursday of Re-O week. The event was touted by OUSA as an act of solidarity; a collective ‘fuck you’ to winter. They couldn’t have timed it Read more...

In Placid Darkness

Posted 12:36pm Sunday 28th May 2017

The tank emits a soft, violet glow. The room’s lights are off and the door locked. I undress, shower and step inside. I pull the lid down behind me and press a large button on the inside wall of the tank. The pinkish hue fades to darkness. I slowly lie down in the tank’s warm, Read more...

Common Sense Prevails in Australia’s Bloody Battle With Sharks

Posted 10:46am Sunday 30th April 2017

The Western Australia (WA) Government has announced that they will not cull sharks following the death of a teenage girl in the Australian state two weeks ago. 17-year-old Laeticia Brouwer was surfing with her father near Esperance in South Western Australia when she was mauled by what is Read more...

Their Sea Or Ours?

Posted 11:48am Sunday 5th March 2017

Bottlenose dolphins, grey nurse sharks and green turtles were among the dead hauled out of shark nets around Sydney in 2015. The New South Wales government’s most recent performance report details the marine life captured by the Shark Meshing programme. 2015 recorded 748 “marine Read more...

Insiders Dunedin | Issue 14

Posted 11:27am Sunday 10th July 2016

Alleyways are traditionally those dark, seedy, urban pathways you want to avoid. They mean trouble. They’re typically the go-to for shady people carrying out shady dealings. However, when you walk past an alleyway mysteriously lit with blue fairy lights, curiosity will probably get the better Read more...

Science, Bitches | Issue 13

Posted 12:03pm Sunday 29th May 2016

If everyone looked at the stars each night we would live a lot differently. When you stare into infinity you start to realise there are more important things to care about than what we do all day. You realise your place in the universe, in the world, in this life. So for this week’s science Read more...

An actual real legal high

Posted 11:45am Sunday 29th May 2016

I thought I would smell J-Day before I would be able to see it. Like the police burning off a colossal stash of confiscated plants, I imagined Dunedin’s J-Day creating a haze of smoke so large that it would hot box the wider Octagon, a blaze so impressive that it would send a great political Read more...

Science, Bitches | Issue 12

Posted 12:04pm Sunday 22nd May 2016

Good grief Winter has finally arrived! With Dunedin’s temperatures falling it actually feels like winter. The freshers are undoubtedly freaking out as they’ve finally understood what ‘cold’ really means this far south. Dunedin’s Autumn, which felt more like an extended Read more...

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