Why Do We Need...drones?

Posted 12:11pm Sunday 10th April 2016 by Anthony Marris

Previously I have mentioned UAVs (drones) used in a military setting. I am not a fan of them. Now my attention is on civilian UAVs, the cute and cuddly version compared to their military brethren. But not really. UAVs have so much great potential. Search and rescue, agriculture, conservation, law Read more...

Why Do We Need...drones?

Posted 1:15pm Sunday 3rd April 2016 by Anthony Marris

Circling 30,000 feet above a desolate village in Afghanistan (or Yemen, Somalia or Pakistan) is the latest chariot of fire, harbinger of death and destruction ready to launch Hellfire upon the plain. With politically disarming names like Shadow, Global Hawk and Rainbow, they can lurk for at least 30 Read more...

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