Capping Show Reveals ‘Beezie’ Theme

Posted 9:08pm Friday 5th April 2024 by Molly Smith-Soppet

The Capping Show is back for the 130th time (never gets old), brandishing a new theme and a bucket load of sure-to-be-explicit skits – we counted “49 assorted sex, dick and tit jokes” last year. Critic Te Ārohi met up with co-Stage Director Jack Archibald to flesh out the Read more...

This Barbie is getting Deported!

Posted 11:05pm Sunday 20th August 2023 by Fox Meyer

I counted 323 individual Barbie dolls, including multiples in the same box and excluding all Kens because, well, they're just Kens. Of these 323, 209 were either unemployed or just on vacation, and were therefore refused residency by Immigration New Zealand. That includes all of the myriad Beach Read more...

In the Trenches of Barbie

Posted 2:04pm Monday 7th August 2023 by Anna Robertshawe

It was a Sunday eve. A slight drizzle sprinkled the still, cold air. Civilians strolled around the Octagon. Armed with their e-tickets and pink uniforms, Barbie militia were beginning to mark their territory. Little did it know, Rialto Cinema was about to be shell-shocked. Critic sent our slayest Read more...

A Critical Analysis: Why I Hate Barbie in My Scene Barbie Jammin’ In Jamaica (2004)

Posted 5:32pm Monday 26th April 2021 by Asia Martusia King

Barbie’s a feminist icon. She’s an astrophysicist. A business executive. A police officer. George Washington, somehow.  A paratrooper (“United States Marine Corps Sergeant Barbie”, 1991). She’s also a toxic backstabbing manipulator with a victim Read more...

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