Editorial: What is Art, Really?

Posted 2:29am Sunday 8th May 2022 by Fox Meyer

Someone once told me that art is like porn: you know it when you see it. And I think that’s true.  Of course, art is subjective. You might not like it, even if other people do. Most of our art comes from our art team, and quite a bit of it comes from student submissions, who want to Read more...

Universityís Art Club Overcomes Challenges, Brings Artistic Minds Together

Posted 2:31am Sunday 8th May 2022 by Anna Robertshawe

The Covid-19 pandemic, the fast pace of uni life and a lack of a Fine Arts programme at Otago Uni are all challenges for Arts students here. Despite these barriers, the Otago University Art Club continues to make space for creative expression and facilitate connection through art.  The club Read more...

The Art of Science

Posted 2:51am Sunday 8th May 2022 by Fox Meyer

Art and science are usually displayed as two ends of a spectrum, but each field is incredibly important to the other. Being a good artist is an integral part of communicating your science accurately, and being a good scientist is key to creating the best art possible. Critic Te Arohi sat down with Read more...

Tauraka Toi: A Landing Place

Posted 2:59am Sunday 8th May 2022 by Annabelle Vaughan

Paemanu: Tauraka Toi was one of the most recent exhibitions held at the Dunedin Public Art Gallery. The exhibition worked with over 40 Ngāi Tahu artists, presenting them with the opportunity to display their art and personal journeys in a collaborative way which facilitated connection with Read more...

Bruce Mahalskiís Amazing Animal Mural-skis

Posted 4:05pm Sunday 22nd August 2021 by Asia Martusia King

Living in Dunedin, chances are you've seen a variety of street art — a couple of hoiho beside Market Kitchen, or the rooster outside of CJ’s supermarket. Bruce Mahalski is the artist behind these creations, performing necromancy on the Animal Attic’s ailing taxidermy, bringing Read more...

Local Produce: Jacob Koopman | @Koops_Art

Posted 2:25pm Monday 16th August 2021 by Keegan Wells

Jacob Koopman is one of the newest creatives emerging onto our local art scene. Jacob is currently blessing the eyes of many with his work, which blends realism and surrealism. Jacob is an artistic powerhouse who enjoys painting, usually while lying on the floor of his “poor-lit and mostly Read more...

Spotlight on Student Artists

Posted 1:46pm Monday 16th August 2021 by Erin Gourley

Untitled by Dave’s Flat Dave’s Flat are the elusive artist behind last week’s centrefold in Critic. Like Banksy, they do not want their identity to be widely known. The work is as mysterious as its creators; an egg in an eggcup, with the word ‘Dave’ written Read more...

Art Piece Installed, Then Vandalized, Then Re-installed

Posted 1:05pm Monday 16th August 2021 by Alex Leckie-Zaharic

If you’ve been walking around Uni in the last week you might have noticed the plywood signs placed on the Union Lawn and outside the museum. Masters of Fine Art candidate Maggie Covell spoke to Critic about her project, saying that the installation centres on mental health and body autonomy Read more...

Top Ten Paintings Iíd Like to be Trapped Inside at the Dunedin Public Art Gallery

Posted 1:39pm Monday 16th August 2021 by Asia Martusia King

If you can’t jump into paintings, that’s embarrassing for you. I do it all the time. One day, my hubris will get the better of me and I will be trapped in one forever. If I get to choose which painting that is, it’ll be one of these. I’ve excluded any landscape paintings of Read more...

Rate or Hate: Art Edition

Posted 2:21pm Monday 16th August 2021 by Sasha Freeman

Rate Interpretive dance. I’m not being ironic, I literally rate that shit as art.  That ‘Norman For You’ episode called Dumb Starbucks that people thought might be a Banksy installation before the episode aired.  The girl flatmates’ art and wine nights. I Read more...

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