Science, Bitches | Issue 27

Posted 11:58pm Sunday 12th October 2014

Well, weíre finally here. The final column for 2014. We hope youíve had an excellent year, because weíve had an awesome run and a great couple of years bringing science to Critic. We thought weíd take our final column as time to reflect on the science weíve brought to the column, and all the fun Read more...

Science, Bitches | Issue 24

Posted 3:00pm Sunday 21st September 2014

If youíre not a coffee drinker, youíre probably a tea person. What do these delicious beverages have in common? One of societyís favourite drugs: caffeine. If we take a look at the plants these beverages come from, they look pretty different. Why is it, then, that these two species of plant produce Read more...

Science, Bitches | Issue 21

Posted 5:55pm Sunday 31st August 2014

So why would I bother talking about the naked mole rat Ė a pink, hairless, toothed rodent from eastern Africa? Perhaps you better know them as the species that charismatic sidekick from your child/teenhood was (Kim Possible, anyone?). Have you ever Google image searched for a naked mole rat? If not, Read more...

Science, Bitches | Issue 18

Posted 9:43pm Sunday 3rd August 2014

OK, so how many of you have joked about sleeping with your textbook under your pillow? How many have actually tried? In moments of desperation before tests and exams, weíve all hoped for some kind of overnight understanding. Well, it turns out that this kind of wishful thinking isnít worth ruling Read more...

Science, Bitches | Issue 14

Posted 1:08pm Sunday 6th July 2014

Last semester we introduced you to our microscopic friend yeast and its excellent role in making beer. This week letís talk about how else we can use these wee bugs to make another delicious treat: bread! First, though: what actually is yeast? The kind used in bread, bakerís yeast, is called Read more...

Science, Bitches | Issue 13

Posted 2:07pm Sunday 25th May 2014

As a student in Dunedin, beer is probably relevant to your interests. Not only is this beverage delicious and intoxicating, but the beer-making process, while being an art form, is also jam packed full of science! Beer is made of four key ingredients: barley; hops; water; and yeast. Other Read more...

Science, Bitches | Issue 10

Posted 4:20pm Sunday 4th May 2014

The other day, I was talking to a friend and they told me a story of someone they met who didnít believe in gravity. Now, I donít know about you, but try as I might, I canít just levitate at will and ignore one of the fundamental laws of physics. (Though if you know a way, hit me up! How cool would Read more...

Science, Bitches! | Issue 06

Posted 7:01pm Sunday 30th March 2014

"This curry is really hot!Ē your flatmate says when you serve up dinner. Your spice-intolerant flatmate quickly asks if the curry is spicy hot, or just hot because itís fresh out of the pan. They canít handle spicy food, and are hoping itís the latter. But why do we describe foods with lots of Read more...

Science, Bitches! | Issue 03

Posted 4:35pm Sunday 9th March 2014

So weíre three weeks in and perhaps youíre already starting to get a little sick of the ghetto of North Dunedin. Why not check out some of the local wildlife in the area? And, no, Iím not talking about the animals on Castle Street pounding SoGos. Weíre actually pretty lucky here in Dunedin because a Read more...

Science, Bitches! | Issue 26

Posted 4:26pm Sunday 6th October 2013

Ever wished you could just implant memories into your head? You could chuck in a memory of having read your entire textbook for class without actually doing the reading. Well, guess what: scientists have managed to put false memories into a mouseís brain! The breakthrough was made possible by Read more...

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