That No I.d. Friend And The Story Of Jay-z

Posted 1:01pm Sunday 6th August 2017

In July 2017, Jay-Z released his long awaited return with the album 4:44. Like any good story there’s a person behind the elevator miss-haps, sipping lemonade in the shadows, that makes things happen. In this case it’s a person known as No I.D. It’s an odd thing when we listen Read more...

This Boring Man

Posted 1:08pm Sunday 23rd July 2017

Back in November 2016, Johnny Marr, guitarist and cofounder of The Smiths, released his autobiography ‘Set the Boy Free’. It’s a book that spans his entire life, but of course focuses on how he came to knock on Morrissey’s door, and together change indie Read more...

Harry Styles: An Exit Interview with Harry Styles

Posted 12:56pm Sunday 9th July 2017

As I sit here in my Mongolian yurt surrounded by Moroccan rugs, braiding a small child’s hair, my mind, alone, riffs on the void that is the wafer-thin transubstantiation of new age consumption. My spirit weaver weaves slow, for it grows limp. It has lost its one direction. What to listen to Read more...

I Watched Coachella for Three Days Straight & Now I'm Dead Inside

Posted 2:10pm Sunday 7th May 2017

Over the Easter weekend I “live-streamed” Weekend One of the Coachella Music and Arts Festival. The stream is not really live - it’s delayed, and is sponsored by a German telco called T-Mobile. T-Mobile have a pink logo in the shape of a capital ‘T’, with two small pink Read more...

Shadow Self —Élan Vital

Posted 1:28pm Sunday 2nd April 2017

How multiple are you? Ever have moments when you act in way that is out of character? Find yourself reading Jungian psychology while watching the Kardashians? Eat a lot of fried chicken? In random hot spots? With multiple lovers? Fear not, it could be your shadow self at play. This compact album Read more...

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