Posted 12:55pm Saturday 8th October 2016

This Dunedin exhibition showcases some of the local artistic talent incorporating varied styles but all figurative in form. If you didn’t manage to get to the show you can still easily access these artists if not directly via the gallery. People will always love paintings for their Read more...

The Port Collective

Posted 1:03pm Saturday 24th September 2016

Here we see a mix of painting, printmaking, and ceramics influenced by the artists’ environment and daily life in Port Chalmers. There is a coherency to this collection of work - along with a lyrical and wistful feeling. End of Days Man with Flax Low Fly Zone  Dave Read more...

Animal Advocates-Art in Law XVI

Posted 2:16pm Saturday 17th September 2016

The Faculty of Law and the Dunedin School of Art collaborate biannually on the Art in Law Collections displaying exhibitions by Dunedin School of Art senior students and graduates. Animal Advocates curated by Marion Wassenaar comprises of works by four artists Rachel H. Allan, Daniel Bloxham, Read more...

3 x 4 Lisa Reihana

Posted 1:14pm Saturday 10th September 2016

Take the opportunity to view some work from one of New Zealand’s current 'it' artists, Lisa Reihana. Milford Gallery are showing a range of her magnificent staged photographic portraiture work.  Distinct themes of mythology and colonisation run through the Māori descended Read more...

Edinburgh Realty Premier Art Awards

Posted 5:15pm Monday 15th August 2016

Art awards can be such a fascinating mélange of art, giving a wide insight into the range of currently produced artwork. They can also be fun as there are times when you have those 'go figure' moments in seeing the winners. There usually is the option to have your democratic say and Read more...

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