Posted 11:10am Saturday 10th September 2016

You’ve heard of ‘gaydar’, right? It’s the sixth sense gay men supposedly use to detect other men’s sexual orientation. I’m dubious whether it’s real, but then again I thought the tastefully-nude Lady Gaga posters in my teenage bedroom would be enough to Read more...

The Human Garbage Receptacle

Posted 12:05pm Sunday 20th March 2016

You haven’t seen the nasty side of human nature until you’ve worked a job dealing with hungry people who do not give a fuck about who you are. The little social niceties that stop people from succumbing to their momentary anger and verbally abusing their mate’s girlfriend Read more...


Posted 12:32pm Sunday 12th July 2015

Much has been made in the news about how school kids have used Yik Yak to cyber-bully their peers, causing some commentators to call for its outright banning. I have to disagree; my experience with Yik Yak over the past few months is not only proof of social media’s potential to bring people Read more...

The Bigot Issue

Posted 12:13pm Sunday 17th May 2015

Writing from experience, Anthony Gordon gives us a personal account of the extent to which homophobia still exists in our city. Bigotry towards homosexual behaviour still appears to be a bigger issue than many of us realise. My first taste of Dunedin nightlife started like this: While I was Read more...

Stripes and Gripes

Posted 12:49pm Sunday 19th April 2015

“Leather-look jeans, striped tops, ankle boots, Karen Walker charms etc” A Facebook post confirms what Anthony long suspected; more than anywhere else in the country, University of Otago students dress to look the same as everybody else." Last year, I did this post on the Read more...

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