What is behind New Zealand’s high suicide rate?

Posted 12:02pm Sunday 8th October 2017

Content warning: contains discussion of suicide   Our country has one of the highest suicide rates in the Western world, and the highest youth (15-24 years old) suicide rate in the OECD. The latest suicide statistics, released by the Chief Coroner in late August, showed that the number of Read more...

University of Otago Researchers Criticise ACC for Computer Model Trouble

Posted 9:42am Saturday 30th September 2017

Researchers from the University of Otago have criticised the new computer model that ACC uses to profile and target clients. The computer model uses risk predictions in order to profile and target clients as well as to help staff manage the claims that they receive. However, it has caused Read more...

Farah Palmer Cup Kicks Off With Canterbury Winning 20-7

Posted 11:36am Sunday 17th September 2017

The provincial women’s rugby competition, the Farah Palmer Cup, kicked off last week. The Otago Spirit team took on Canterbury at Linfield Park in Christchurch at noon on Sunday the 3rd. Fortunately the morning rain had cleared by the time the game started. Supporters packed the sideline, Read more...

New Figures Show Suicide is at a Record High

Posted 10:32am Sunday 3rd September 2017

According to figures released by Judge Deborah Marshall, New Zealand’s Chief Coroner, New Zealand’s suicide statistics have reached a record high. The numbers have continued to rise over the last three years, with 606 people taking their own lives during 2016-2017. New Zealand has one Read more...

Equal Pay Week: “It’s Time to Pay the Sisters the Same as the Misters”

Posted 10:36am Sunday 20th August 2017

This last week, from Saturday 12 August until Saturday 19 August, has been Equal Pay Week. Its purpose is to draw attention to the need for fairness in the workplace, for everyone to have the same opportunities to advance their careers, and for pay equality regardless of one’s Read more...

Much More Respect Needed For Women's Rugby

Posted 5:40pm Sunday 13th August 2017

When someone says New Zealand, what do you think of? Kiwis, probably; perhaps pavlova – well depending on which side of the fierce which-country-did-pavlova-come-from battle between New Zealand and Australia you fall on; Jandals? Pineapple lumps? At the end of the day, New Zealand is known for Read more...

Pirates Women 27 – 10 Varsity Women

Posted 10:55am Sunday 13th August 2017

Last Saturday the two top women’s rugby teams, University and Pirates, battled it out for the championship trophy at St Clair’s Kettle Park. The conditions were very blustery and the wind added a considerable chill factor as well as an extra challenge for the players. Both teams lined up Read more...

Queer and Far New Support for International Queer Students

Posted 10:44am Sunday 6th August 2017

OUSA Student Support have initiated a new support service targeted at international University of Otago and Otago Polytechnic queer students. Named Queer and Far, it will provide a support and talking group. The project was conceived by the current OUSA Queer Support Co-ordinator Hahna Briggs, in Read more...

Building Code Causes OUSA To Scale Back Gender Neutral Toilets

Posted 10:32am Sunday 30th July 2017

Earlier this year, OUSA chose to make the toilets in the Clubs and Societies building on both the ground and first floors gender neutral. In 2013 the Clubs and Socs Centre underwent extensive renovations, which included the ground floor toilets. However, in 2016, OUSA staff noticed that there Read more...

No Plastic Bag Ban for Countdown NZ Despite Aussie Progress

Posted 11:07am Sunday 23rd July 2017

Two large supermarket chains in Australia, Woolworths and Coles, plan to phase out plastic bag usage over the next 12 months. Four states (South Australia, the Australian Capital Territory, the Northern Territory, and Tasmania) have already implemented state-wide bans. Coles supermarket is the Read more...

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