The Thirty-Nine Steps

Posted 1:24pm Sunday 6th August 2017

Written at the start of the First World War while John Buchan was bedridden by illness, The Thirty-Nine Steps is a classic of the crime fiction genre. It stars Richard Hannay as the archetypal action hero. Returning from Africa after several years working as a mining engineer, Hannay intends on Read more...


Posted 6:26pm Sunday 1st March 2015

Rating: 4/5 Foxcatcher tells the true story of Olympic wrestlers, Mark Schulz (Channing Tatum) and David Schulz (Mark Ruffalo), and their unsettling benefactor John DuPont (Steve Carrell) as they attempt to repeat their gold medal win from the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics at the 1988 Seoul Read more...

The social pokédex

Posted 4:35pm Sunday 22nd February 2015

Nick Ainge-Roy, a judgmental soul with a kind heart, has been navigating the realms of the University of Otago for less than a year. But as a Dunners local, he’s familiar with the characters you’re likely to encounter in your new home and here presents you with a cynical insight into the characters Read more...

Stories We Tell

Posted 5:30pm Sunday 23rd March 2014

Rating: C+ Stories We Tell is a documentary directed by Sarah Polley that chronicles the relationship of her parents, Michael and Diane Polley, with special attention paid to an extramarital affair of her mother’s that resulted in Sarah’s illegitimate birth. While technically a Read more...

Blue Is the Warmest Colour

Posted 2:59pm Sunday 16th March 2014

Grade: A+ Blue Is the Warmest Colour, directed by Abdellatif Kechiche, has been praised by some as the best movie of 2013, as well as unanimously winning the Palme d’Or at Cannes and being nominated for a BAFTA and Golden Globe. After watching the film myself, it was easy to see why. Read more...

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