The Now-Annual Critic Icecream Review

The Now-Annual Critic Icecream Review

The 24

Supplier: Streets
The Ambrosia was a let-down, despite its abundant marshmallows. Only nine flavours were on show, and the icecream held a consistency a little too icy. The Caramel Ripple, despite lacking that coveted creaminess, still shone through flavour-wise.
Customer service: After some prompting, Russell really opened up as a “caramel man” in recommending his personal favourite. He even went so far as to say that if he had two cakes at home, he would pick the caramel (this guy really knows what he wants.) He was also correct in predicting the Highlander’s win over the Crusaders. Definitely the best yarn of the day.


Supplier: Tip Top
The selection is phenomenal, with 20 flavours available. From the usual pickings of boysenberry, vanilla and hokey pokey to the more adventurous Caramel Fudge, Orange Chocolate Chip and Mocha, you’d be hard pressed to find something you didn’t like. Opting for a scoop each of Candyfloss and Lime Swirl, I was impressed with the super-creamy consistency and vibrant colours.
Customer service: Friendly, though we had to push for conversation. We were informed that Gold Rush was the most popular flavour.

Campus Wonderful

Supplier: Tip Top
The icecream was good, though the range of flavours, at just six, was abysmal. I opted for Gold Rush following the advice of the guy at Willowbank, and was sorely disappointed. Though the icecream was perfectly firm, the flavour was just plain boring, and too sweet.
Customer service: The young lass who served us was eager to please upon finding out we were conducting one of the most esteemed food reviews on the planet. Upon inquiring about the sign which proclaimed “no milkshakes or icecreams at lunchtime”, we were told that this was around the hour of 12:30pm each day, because it simply gets too busy. Welcoming service, unimaginative icecream.

Dundas Corner Dairy – Runner-Up

Supplier: Tip Top
Again, Tip Top makes its place known in the arena of scooped ice cream, with a consistently creamy serving. Unlike the tubs of boysenberry icecream, which tend to have a few rogue streaks of the purple stuff roaming among a sea of white, my scoop was positively laced with luscious boysenberry ripple. The usual culprits of Goody Gum Drops and Cookies & Cream made an appearance in the freezer, with a few other flavours thrown into the mix.

On your birthday, with I.D. as proof, you can get a “deluxe 5 step icecream” for just $1. David eagerly motioned what would be a carefully-balanced five scoop icecream. We were blown away just thinking about this engineering feat.

Walking down Dundas Street, my complete lack of co-ordination/ability to function as a normal human being resulted in me dropping the icecream on the footpath. I would have been incredibly upset had I not already consumed so much of the frosty treat, and counted this mishap as a blessing.

Customer service: David and Julie placed a marshmallow heart atop of the biggest two scoops of ice-cream I’ve ever seen. Aside from being an adorably cute couple, your service is just tops, with a smile to finish.

Rob Roy – Winner !

Supplier: Much Moore
Famous for its oversized icecreams and long queues, the Rob Roy was a crowd-pleaser. The standard was set with their indulgent scoops from Much Moore. The rich, fudge-rippled Choc Mudd flavour was a celebration of the humble peanut slab, and after some foraging around, a plentiful supply of coloured jubes was unearthed among the virescent Goody Gum Drops.
Customer service: Helpful, chatty and a fast scooper.
This article first appeared in Issue 3, 2012.
Posted 6:37pm Sunday 11th March 2012 by Ines Shennan.