Flatmate Hasnít Cleaned Mooncup in Two Years

Flatmate Hasnít Cleaned Mooncup in Two Years

“Bro she just keeps leaving it on the pile of dishes like she expects us to wash it,” said one disgruntled breatha. “Like, what does she think we are, a cleaning service?” 

The bleeder’s menstrual cup is a purple, latex design that she describes as “impossible to tell when it’s dirty, other than the smell.” Her flatmates describe it as “bloody disgusting, no pun intended.” 

It reportedly makes an appearance in the sink for a few days every month. “If we don’t clean it, I think she just takes it back or gives it a rinse,” said a flatmate. 

Last year, the bleeder in question had purportedly bullied a younger flatmate into washing her diva cup whenever necessary, and now refuses to resume the cleaning duties herself. “Yeah, I’ll find another bitch to do it eventually,” she told Critic. “We all know who has the alpha uterus in this flat. In fact, I have the only uterus, so I sorta win by default.”

This article first appeared in Issue 12, 2021.
Posted 1:00am Monday 24th May 2021 by The Critical Tribune.