Dear Aunt Kell and Mumma Zo, How Do I Get a Summer Job?

Dear Aunt Kell and Mumma Zo, How Do I Get a Summer Job?

There are two options:

1. Don’t 

1.a. Don’t and go on the DOLE

2. Do

Everyone wants a summer job so you have to apply for all of them. Before you apply for summer jobs you gotta figure out if you want to work the holiday days (Xmas and New Years) or if you want to hit that PHAT summer line up e.g. Northern Base, e.g. Bay Dreams, e.g. R and V. If you don’t want to work these days for time and a half, then aim for casual jobs. Casual jobs mean you work anywhere between 8-20 hours a week. If you intend to make poo tonnes of money then your best bet is to do Cookie Time selling, but it’s too late to sign up for that now, so you’re better going to the orchards. 

The next steps for getting summer jobs are: nepotism and walking in the door and showing them what your face is. Talking to the employer is what you should do if you want to seem enthusiastic. They’ll want to know that you can both talk and talk without swearing. Chuck a smile and that’s Excellence level stuff. Being yourself is important. For example, Aunt Kell got a job because she was being herself: “I told the interviewer a story about having a tantrum because my sister didn’t take nice photos of me at a lighthouse, then I sang a song. They employed me. True story.”

Another way to bump up your CV is to volunteer, which makes you more employable #workthesystem. If you don’t want to volunteer, other ways to make your CV a piece of gold is with mad skillz e.g. being able to DJ like Cooked Hamish (references like that makes it seem like sunlight shines out of your ass). Time New Roman, 12 font, page number bottom right corner, figures and tables labelled and 3cm margins makes your CV looks like you actually learned something from your degree.  

Remember to write a new cover letter for each application. If anything, it will improve your creative writing skills. And thanks to STEM (Eff you J.K. & H.H.) creativity is an undervalued quality in this day and age. 

Finally, if you aren’t motivated enough to sort yourself out, sign up with a temping agency. A portion of your pay goes back to them, but money is better than no money right??

Closing tips are:

  • Get that Uni service to check your CV
  • Meet employer in person
  • If you can, physically hand in CV
  • Dress nice, smell nice
  • Finally, don’t hedge your bets on a handful of applications; an A in one assignment doesn’t guarantee that you’ll get an A overall etc. etc.
  • Keep it simple, get it done

Kind Regards, Aunt Kell and Mumma Zo

This article first appeared in Issue 21, 2018.
Posted 8:02pm Thursday 30th August 2018 by Zoe Taptiklis-Haymes and Kelly Davenport.