The Post-Fact World | Issue 10

Fiction is stranger than fact

The nose is the labrador of the face

If you shout loud enough, you can hear your own voice

Chalk is grown on the spiky, desert dwelling, chalk plant. This is why it is crumbly, like a desert

Apple crumble is also grown in the depths of the desert, that is why it is crumbly like a dessert

Most smugglers are born with the ability to see through the mist

Telephones can be used to see very long distances during electric storms

Otago University is named for its founder, Sir Robert Taylor O’tago University III

Lo-Fi Hip Hop - Beats to relax/study to is technically not hip-hop, it’s actually eastern highland scottish bagpipe jazz

Turkeys are called ‘Belgiums’ in Turkey

Tins used to be made out of tin, now it’s made out of lies

Can openers were invented 15 years before the can

Red pens are illegal in Russia because they remind them of communism

Scotch whisky is made using oak casks. Bourbon whisky is made using racism and the flow-on economic effects of slavery

A 2X4 is not the same as an 8

Clarke Gayford is Jacinda Ardern in a wig

If the earth isn’t flat, how come globes are always hollow?

If pee isn’t stored in the balls, how come I’ve never sex?

This article first appeared in Issue 10, 2018.
Posted 6:58pm Saturday 5th May 2018 by Critic.