The Week the ODT Didnít Know What a Bridge Was

To start this week we have a dramatic encounter


The ODT was facing up against their nemesis: the concept of “fun”.



The ODT have noticed a problem


Oh no. Not the biting spiders, why can’t it be the singing spiders? 



Then the ODT got confused


We would like to confirm that it is a bridge, which, to be fair to the ODT, was one of their guesses. 



Here at ODT Watch we’re infamously lazy, so we’re always happy when someone makes fun of the ODT for us, like this letter does: 




And finally, 


“Yes, but top of what?” tentatively asked an ODT staffer. The room turned in a homogenous wave and stared. “Don’t worry about her,” said a burly editor with a Yorkshire accent, “she’s new here. She’ll soon learn to stop asking Questions. SEND HER TO THE PIT.” Naked acolytes with the letter “O” carved in the flesh of their thighs leapt from the ceiling, hauling away the intern to dread regions unseen. 

This article first appeared in Issue 7, 2018.
Posted 10:05pm Thursday 12th April 2018 by Charlie OíMannin.