This is the first time I’ve been to an Executive meeting. I had no idea what was going to happen. They gave me an agenda. Stockman told me they tend to drag on a bit …

First item was a report on Unigames. Turns out there wasn’t enough funding. Some athletes withdrew at the last minute and it rained. Word on the street is, Unigames might be held in Dunedin next year. Watch this space.

Another report, this time on student financing. The government is trying to increase the amount of money they recover from student loans. They want to leave the interest-free bit alone but change all the other things to get back some of their investment. An opportunity came up for the Exec to take a stance on this issue but nobody had the balls or inclination to propose anything, so the meeting awkwardly moved on. Really nice report by Matt Tucker, ably assisted by Edgar II (Ryan), very thorough.

Edgar III (Blake Luff) then admitted to “pissing off every business in town” trying to cut a deal on a “mystery machine to the value of $50,000”. It became too hard so he “gave up”. (OUSA want a new van.)

For the next item Edgar I (Logan) made Critic rip out a part of our agenda because we had accidentally been given confidential information. Shit then got awkward because they decided they shouldn’t talk about what they wanted to talk about because of little old me. Sad face.

Some other stuff happened, including Edgar IV (Angus McDonald) being appointed to the Performing Arts Fund Committee. This is hilarious for some reason. Art isn’t funny guys; in fact, it is often quite sad.

Loans to Radio 1 and Critic were forgiven, phew. The University Rowing Club was not so lucky. They have to pay back at least half the money they owe. Edgar I summarized: “We like money”. All this loan-settling is apparently because the auditors want OUSA’s books to be in better order than they currently are.

Other items discussed included: Summer school exams clashing with O-Week, a MASSIVE event coming in September, a motion to replace Donna’s Scrumpy and “an anonymous means of distributing excess condoms” (Edgar II).

Critic got kicked out at this point because the Exec wanted “Exec-only time” to bitch about Radio 1. I was gutted because this promised to be the most interesting part of the meeting.

Also there was a fruit platter.

Never again.

Callum will be back next week.
This article first appeared in Issue 10, 2012.
Posted 12:51am Monday 7th May 2012 by Gus Gawn.