SIX60 v No 6: Hoani Matenga Hasn’t Forgotten His Roots

Posted 5:14pm Sunday 25th February 2024 by Iris Hehir

Few Kiwis will ever experience the pinnacles of success that Otago University alumni Hoani Matenga has. Ever since his first taste of representing his country for the Baby Blacks (NZ U19s) in 2006 as a second-year, Matenga’s rugby career has taken him on a journey most Weetbix card-collecting Read more...

Six60 Goes Landlord

Posted 1:26am Saturday 31st July 2021 by Fox Meyer

Six60 have bought their old flat and will be renting it out to Performing Arts students. The four new tenants each year will receive a $10,000 scholarship and mentorship from the band. Official numbers on rent weren’t clear, but current tenants pay $205 each per week. The flat is Read more...

Six60 Concert Resident: “We Knew It Wasn’t Safe”

Posted 11:20am Sunday 13th March 2016 by Henry Napier

The neighbouring resident to the flat where a balcony fell during last week’s Six60 concert has said they knew there was a risk hours before the party begun. Though the day ended in tragedy, precautions were taken to prevent overloading of the balcony. “While we were pre-drinking we Read more...

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