Disabled Community Protests Against ‘Minister’s Biases’

Posted 9:27pm Friday 26th April 2024 by Hugh Askerud

Dunedin’s disabled community hosted a 100-strong protest on Friday, March 19, against the government’s changes to the structure of Whaikaha, the Ministry of Disabled People, announcing new limits on support services and what disabled individuals can purchase with Read more...

From the Museum Lawn to the Octagon “Palestine Will Be Free!”

Posted 10:30am Monday 18th March 2024 by Iris Hehir

Disclaimer: The writer of this piece has attended Dunedin Justice for Palestine rallies in a protesting capacity. Content warning: This piece includes discussion of violence and mass death.  The world has watched in horror since October 7th last year as death, destruction, and devastation Read more...

Dollars and Scholars: Protest, Property Damage, and Student Activism at Otago Uni

Posted 5:23pm Saturday 2nd March 2024 by Zak Rudin

Disclaimer: Critic Te Ārohi does not condone property damage. Ah, the ‘90s. An era which saw the fall of the Soviet Union, the rise of the internet, way too much double denim, and a little thing called neoliberalism — responsible for causing the biggest and fastest privatisation Read more...

Aerospace Summit Disrupted by Protests

Posted 12:48pm Monday 18th September 2023 by Zak Rudin

A group of local Otago students sent it up to Ōtautahi Christchurch last Monday to join forces with environmental justice and peace activists there and protest the Aerospace Summit. As the name suggests, the conference was about space. The conference was sponsored in part by Lockheed Martin, Read more...

‘Everything Room’ Activists Appear in Court

Posted 3:34pm Sunday 13th August 2023 by Zak Rudin

Three protesters arrested for damaging University of Otago property appeared at the District Court Tuesday, August 8. Around 20 supporters were there in solidarity.    Third-year student Jowan Nute and non-students Liam Scaife and Carl Naus were arrested Tuesday, August 1, for Read more...

Horseplay in Uni Council Meeting!

Posted 10:02pm Tuesday 18th July 2023 by Fox Meyer

At a packed Uni Council meeting last week, Otago confirmed that it would be going ahead with the million-dollar rebrand. Student protesters - dressed as pigs and horses - refused to leave the chamber after the announcement, protesting staff cuts. It was truly a dog and pony show, but in the end, Read more...

Lecturer Brings Protests, Podcasts into Classroom

Posted 6:24pm Sunday 9th October 2022 by Nina Brown

Computer science students in COSC203 have voiced concerns (and confusion) over a recent ethics lecture and assignment by lecturer Iain Hewson. Despite ostensibly being a web, databases, and networks paper, students Critic Te Ārohi spoke to claimed that neither the lecture nor the assignment Read more...

Christchurch Counter Protest Draws Dunedinites Decrying Discrimination

Posted 6:46pm Friday 2nd September 2022 by Denzel Chung

Last Wednesday, a small, dedicated group of anti-fascist protesters confronted a crowd of Counterspin Media supporters in Ōtautahi Christchurch. The anti-fascists hoped to “get their narrative” out, and stood in opposition to a protest marked by intimidation and Islamophobia. Read more...

Protest Against Noise Complaints Receives Noise Complaint

Posted 1:39pm Monday 15th August 2022 by Zak Rudin

Around 150 people occupied the Octagon on Sunday August 7 to support Dunedin's iconic Crown Hotel and oppose Dunedin City Council (DCC) regulations which they say have been threatening Dunedin’s live music scene. Ironically, they were even slapped with a noise complaint for their Read more...

Aotearoa Continues Imports of “Blood Phosphate”

Posted 3:32pm Sunday 17th July 2022 by Zak Rudin

A group of around 15 activists gathered outside Ravensdown’s fertiliser factory at Ravensbourne last Tuesday, for a “morning of mourning” over a “shipload of shame”. On a cold, dark and wet morning, the black-clad protesters were opposing the “unwelcome” Read more...

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