Editorial: Get Into It, Yuh

Posted 11:32am Sunday 18th February 2024 by Nina Brown

To many reading this: welcome back, suckers. To the freshers who have gone back and collected old issues of Critic Te Ārohi once you realised it exists, is free, and is the best thing you’ll ever read: kia ora, I’m glad you made it. Here’s a wee introduction. Critic Te Read more...

Fresher Simulator: O-Week

Posted 4:13pm Monday 19th February 2024 by Lotto Ramsay

1. Welcome (Start here) You’re a fresher (our condolences) arriving at Dunedin airport for the first time ever. You marvel at all the butt-fuck-nowhere around you. Off to collect your luggage! Where did you fly in from, again? A: Auckland (Go to 11) B: Somewhere else (Go to Read more...

Welcome to The Ride

Posted 4:53pm Sunday 4th March 2012 by Staff Reporter

After hours of arguing amongst the Critic staff over who would sacrifice a week of their life to go along to every single O-Week event, Critic decided that it made more sense to recruit a fresher. Easily overawed by the trappings of the Critic office (we have a cat), we enrolled a first year tourism Read more...

Second Skin

Posted 4:44pm Saturday 25th February 2012 by Lauren Wootton

Dunedin band Knives at Noon sat down with Critic reporter Lauren Wootton to pop her interviewing cherry, and discuss their new EP. Opening for Shihad at Orientation last Friday, Knives at Noon were amping to share the stage with a band they have looked up to since before they were freshers Read more...

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