Between the Sheets: The Realities of Lesbian Sex

Posted 2:54pm Saturday 23rd March 2024 by Madeline OíLeary

Disclaimer: This article is based on the personal experience of one individual. In this article, lesbian sex is referred to in the context of being between two AFAB (assigned female at birth) partners. Trans lesbians, we love you too. Hello there, queer/questioning/closeted Critic reader! You Read more...

Bygone Gays: A Queer History of Otago University

Posted 3:11pm Sunday 22nd August 2021 by Asia Martusia King

CW: Homophobia. Students were a “driving generation” in queer liberation, says Chris Brickell, Professor of Gender Studies and LGBT historian. Otago University was no exception. Here’s an abridged history of our forebears and Read more...

The Hetero Agenda

Posted 4:53pm Sunday 4th March 2012 by Zane Pocock

Iím one of the lucky ones. No matter what my sexual orientation turned out to be, my parents said they would always accept me. I donít really have any desire to know whether I received this reassurance because of my interest in fashion or complete disinterest in Barbie-like bimbos, but it was Read more...

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