Okay, Now That Landlord Website is Really Shut Down

Posted 12:59pm Sunday 9th July 2023 by Nina Brown

A website detailing how many properties your landlord owns has been shut down following discourse with the Deputy Privacy Commissioner. The founders of the website believe this decision was “influenced by landlords and property developers”.   A press release from the founders Read more...

New ‘Rat King Landlord’ Just Dropped

Posted 3:22pm Sunday 14th May 2023 by Zak Rudin

A brand-new issue of ‘Rat King Landlord’, written by Murdock Stephens, hit the streets of Ōtepoti on Friday, May 5. Originally published in 2020, the novel-turned-tabloid-newspaper is a comedic satirical story about a rat that becomes a landlord. But behind the layers of satire Read more...

Different Breeds of Landlord

Posted 3:02pm Sunday 2nd April 2023 by Zak Rudin

Nestled throughout the sprawling ecosystem of Dunedin lies perhaps the most pervasive pest of all: the landlord. They come in all different shapes and sizes, marking territory in their own unique and equally infuriating ways. With each species of landlord comes a different experience. Critic Te Read more...

Local Produce: What Does My Landlord Own?

Posted 12:50pm Sunday 12th March 2023 by Zak Rudin

“What Does My Landlord Own?” is a website that allows users to enter an address and see other properties tied to that owner. The website was launched early this year by an anonymous team known as “sunset_flowers” determined to “help address the vast inequalities present Read more...

Extreme Home Makeover: Make Your Tenants Pay For It Edition

Posted 12:51pm Monday 16th August 2021 by Denzel Chung

A recent Tenancy Tribunal ruling showed a landlord tried to claim $13,000 of damages from a NEV flat, but failed because the damage was only worth $4,000.  The landlord “did not wish the tenants’ names to be published,” so their names were redacted from the Tribunal ruling. Read more...

Mouldy Mattress on Floor Not Landlord’s Fault: Tenancy Tribunal

Posted 1:01pm Monday 16th August 2021 by Denzel Chung

A mysterious carpet stain caused two Dunedin tenants to take their landlord to the Tenancy Tribunal, asking for $12,000 in compensation. The landlord responded that this stain formed because the tenant slept with his mattress on the floor for seven months — which the Tenancy Tribunal agreed Read more...

Six60 Goes Landlord

Posted 1:26am Saturday 31st July 2021 by Fox Meyer

Six60 have bought their old flat and will be renting it out to Performing Arts students. The four new tenants each year will receive a $10,000 scholarship and mentorship from the band. Official numbers on rent weren’t clear, but current tenants pay $205 each per week. The flat is Read more...

A SORDID TALE OF SQUALOR: Landlord Binned Bottle Collection … Or Did He?

Posted 4:57pm Sunday 30th May 2021 by Denzel Chung

A student had their bottle collection wrecked by a landlord who “did not believe they were still on the property at the time,” according to a Tenancy Tribunal ruling. Their landlord has hit back, saying “the Tribunal has got it half-right”.  Louis’ tenancy for Read more...

Cutlers Already Offering 2022 Castle St Leases

Posted 1:15pm Monday 26th April 2021 by Alex Leckie-Zaharic

Cutlers is the first real estate company to release a flat list for Castle Street this year. For many upcoming flatters, it’s the same shit, different year. A group of this year’s freshers, having declared themselves besties for life just a few weeks into the year, will sign a flat Read more...

Renters United: Fighting for a Fair Deal for Renters

Posted 3:26pm Monday 26th April 2021 by Elliot Weir

Abusive landlords, privacy breaches, and runaway rent prices are the bread to the butter that is Renters United. The only thing worse than landlords are the structural conditions that created them. Look, I get it, not everyone wants to own their own house  at whatever point they’re at in Read more...

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