“I Was Forced Out of My Home” – Interviews with Former Syrian Refugees

Posted 6:14pm Thursday 11th April 2019

A day that started off as a movement working towards action for climate change rapidly turned into a day where New Zealand was shaken to its core. The video that circulated following the Christchurch mosque shootings deeply affected those who watched it. For two young Syrian refugees – Read more...

Are You In A Relationship?

Posted 8:54pm Thursday 4th April 2019

Have you slept with them? In my dreams (1) Once or twice (2) A few times but wouldn’t say often (3) At least twice a week (4)   Do you stay the night? Definitely not - that’s a no go (1) Sometimes after a night on the piss (2) Most times but I leave Read more...

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Norhan El Sanjak