The Christchurch Mosque Massacre: A Year On.

Posted 7:16pm Thursday 12th March 2020

By Norhan El Sanjak and Ala Ghandour A year since the attacks and the wound still feels fresh. The terrorist attacks took 51 lives, left dozens injured and scarred countless families, friends and communities. One of those people, Ala Ghandour recounts the tragedy from her perspective (as shown in Read more...

“I Was Forced Out of My Home” – Interviews with Former Syrian Refugees

Posted 6:14pm Thursday 11th April 2019

A day that started off as a movement working towards action for climate change rapidly turned into a day where New Zealand was shaken to its core. The video that circulated following the Christchurch mosque shootings deeply affected those who watched it. For two young Syrian refugees – Read more...

Are You In A Relationship?

Posted 8:54pm Thursday 4th April 2019

Have you slept with them? In my dreams (1) Once or twice (2) A few times but wouldn’t say often (3) At least twice a week (4)   Do you stay the night? Definitely not - that’s a no go (1) Sometimes after a night on the piss (2) Most times but I leave Read more...

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