Students “Felt Ripped Off” by Late Digital Device Offer

Posted 1:50am Friday 3rd July 2020

Students who took out extra course-related costs to buy devices “felt ripped off” when it was later announced that they could those same devices for free.  On 15 April, the Government announced that students could take out an extra $1000 for course-related costs, bringing the Read more...

Dunedin TradeMe for 10 Dollars or Under

Posted 4:16pm Thursday 7th May 2020

Here’s some of what’s currently available on trademe in Dunedin for 10 dollars and under.    1. These sexy belly button rings     2. This 75g container of spreadable chicken   3. Wow These ARE a bit Cute Bead Read more...

Dunnaz Inspired Cocktail Kiwiana (D.I.C.K.)

Posted 5:31pm Sunday 11th August 2019

Marmitini (pictured above) An iconic Kiwi cocktail, this should be on every local up and coming mixologist’s list of drinks to master. Ingredients: 150mL Seager’s Lime Twisted gin 24mL dry Vermouth 1 generous drop of Marmite To garnish: Marmite toast Read more...

Does Budget Dog Food Taste Worse Than Expensive Dog Food: A Critic Investigation

Posted 11:24pm Thursday 18th July 2019

Dog food packaging is designed to target your pet through you. Buddy doesn’t care about buzz words like ‘succulent’ and ‘delicate’, he just wants a good feed. Ignoring how cancerous the ingredients probably are, Critic investigated the difference in appearance, aroma, Read more...

I Tried the Vogue White Wine & Eggs Diet and It Nearly Killed Me

Posted 10:33pm Thursday 27th September 2018

I am not a resilient person, spiritually or physically. I become distressed when I don’t get my 5+ a day and I cried the other day because I remembered the time six months ago that an old lady was mean to me.  So, I thought that doing this objectively bad diet would be great. You know, Read more...

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