Critic Food Review | Ginger Kisses

Posted 7:45pm Thursday 19th April 2018

Ginger kisses contain both gingers and kisses, blended together in some sort of large grinder, which surely can’t be ethical. Both gingers and kisses are average on their own, but when combined they become equal to the sum of their parts. In Poland in 1942 one lucky solider, Gretchilio Read more...

Critic Food Review | Cadbury Creme Egg

Posted 9:31pm Thursday 15th March 2018

Many believe that the art of painting hard boiled eggs in spring time was a pagan ritual that represented new life, fertility and rebirth. Many others believe that Christians stole the ritual, rebranded it and related it to the resurrection of Christ. Others suspect, thanks to da Vinci’s Read more...

Food Reviews | The 99c Couplands Mince and Vege Pie

Posted 4:38pm Saturday 3rd March 2018

The Couplands (Coop-Lands, not Cope-Lands you fucking cretin) 99c pie is a student’s lifeline. It is the final swipe on tinder before you run out, the eyeroll that the lecturer gives you while you plead your shitty case for another week’s extension on your assignment, the IV drip Read more...

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Cameron De Leijer