Revolution Ready

Posted 12:30pm Sunday 2nd April 2017

If you turn your nose to the wind in the provincial town of Dunedin, New Zealand, you may smell revolution in the air. The breeze, which curves steadily over the currents of the Leith River, carries with it the explosive potential for powerful change. While for now, in the Northernmost part of the Read more...

Careers Advice for the Approaching Apocalypse

Posted 12:07pm Sunday 26th February 2017

The house has the forcefully pleasant smell of an open home. Particularly, I imagine, one occurring after a graphic murder. Yes, you read about it in the newspapers and rubberneck at it from the street, but we have had the carpets professionally cleaned so there’s nothing to see here. This Read more...

Brunch of Champions

Posted 11:36am Sunday 4th September 2016

Good morning! It’s Sunday, the best day of the week. The sun shines brighter on Sundays - the birds tweet a little louder. Po-tee-weet! Can you hear them over the pounding in your head and the snoring of the cretin you went home with last night? Sure, smother the incoming phone call you Read more...

Requiem for a Scarfie

Posted 11:20am Sunday 4th September 2016

The first sign of trouble came on Thursday evening when I announced I would not be drinking. My flatmates became concerned by 8:30 when I had not recanted my claim and refused to run down to Quicker Liquor for overpriced Scrumpy. They flocked around me, asked me how I was feeling in low, anxious Read more...

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Mel Ansell

Feature Writer/Poetry Editor