From Weapon to Wonder: A Brief Social History of LSD

Posted 11:59am Sunday 21st May 2017

When Sandoz chemist Dr Albert Hofmann was messing around synthesizing ergot derivative compounds in 1938, the seemingly unremarkable twenty-fifth compound he produced was unceremoniously stored among its siblings on a shelf for the next five years. On 16 April 1943, Dr Hofmann decided to Read more...

The Hell Hole | Issue 10

Posted 3:30pm Sunday 7th May 2017

It was a warm day in December. A temperate breeze was beginning to pick up, but even the possibility of a turn in the weather could not dilute the Christmas-time joy in Dunedin. Craning their necks impatiently, the villagers scanned the horizon for a sign of the festivities promised. The children Read more...

Jurassic Park: Where the Plot Holes are Mightier than the Dinosaurs

Posted 12:28pm Sunday 23rd April 2017

As a child, Jurassic Park was my favourite movie – I was hell-bent on becoming a palaeontologist (until I was exposed to Ross Geller from Friends). Jurassic Park was also everything I needed in my adolescence – a Michael Crichton plot, scientific progress versus ethics, and some goddamn Read more...

Less is More

Posted 12:02pm Sunday 9th April 2017

Japan is already into it in a big way and the rest of the world is catching on. Minimalism is the art of living a much simpler lifestyle, in order to focus only on what’s important – creating more time to pursue connections with others, experiences and giving more to the world than one Read more...

The Hell Hole | Issue 5

Posted 2:14pm Sunday 26th March 2017

As a single person of the female persuasion, I decided to give this whole Tinder thing a whirl. The whole thing started out somewhat innocently; I naively thought that it would be the best place to meet other single people, and so, armed with some deceptive pseudo-attractively “well-lit” Read more...

Survival of the fittest

Posted 12:05pm Sunday 26th March 2017

Currently, across the world, there is a unique scattering of people who are probably sleeping rather soundly, safe in the knowledge that, should the shit hit the fan, they needn’t panic (much). Survivalists, also commonly known as doomsday preppers, are people who have contingency plans and Read more...

All aboard the Big Fucking Rocket to Mars!

Posted 12:16pm Sunday 26th February 2017

You may not have given any serious thought to whether or not you would choose to leave our planet, but one day, humans may have to. Our best option in the foreseeable future is to live on Mars, though nearly every aspect of the planet and the journey it would take to get you there is hostile to Read more...

Mistakes I made That You Can Still Avoid

Posted 11:49am Sunday 7th August 2016

This year marks my return to uni, at 31 years of age. It’s a bit daunting to realise that now I’m going to be akin to one of those weird mature-aged students who sit up the front, infuriatingly punctuating the lectures with waffling stories of “life experience” that bear Read more...

A Week In The Life Of A Sex Store Employee

Posted 11:41am Sunday 3rd April 2016

“Wow, that is so cool! What’s it like? Are all the customers hella kinky?” This is the most common response I hear when people find out what I do for a living. To be fair, it’s a natural reaction, as so many people have never set foot inside an adult store. Many people Read more...

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