Money Monster

Posted 12:56pm Sunday 24th July 2016

Rating: A A 90-minute thrill-ride through a real-time hostage crisis, Money Monster delivers a vigorous story and dazzling performances. George Clooney is a washed-up financial news TV host, who is taken hostage live on air when an out-of-pocket investor (Jack O’Connell) breaks into his Read more...

Independence Day: Resurgence

Posted 1:01pm Sunday 17th July 2016

Rating: C With deep sadness I report that the promise of a worthy sequel made to us by the trailer was exploded into a million fragments like a landmark in a Roland Emmerich film. Granted, it was an ambitious and difficult task to ever try and match the supreme awesomeness of Independence Day, Read more...


Posted 12:30pm Sunday 10th July 2016

Rating: A+ Skyfall is like one of those optical illusions - do you see a duck or rabbit? In Skyfall, people see what they want to see. Fans of the old school see only betrayal of the core Bond formula, with no gadgets in this film other than “a gun and a radio.” But many, like me, Read more...

The Birds

Posted 12:25pm Sunday 10th July 2016

Rating: B+ Ka-KAW!! Hitchcock created this enduring 1963 classic that is still quite scary by today’s standards. The action centres on the Californian town of Bodega Bay, whose residents find themselves being attacked by (spoiler alert) birds. It starts with people only being pecked by a Read more...

Notes to Eternity

Posted 12:33pm Sunday 29th May 2016

Rating: A An intensely moving doco about the Palestinian struggle, but also much more than that. When the film begins by interviewing the most vocal members of a pro-Israel protest, you know it isn’t going to pull any punches. It tackles all the difficult issues head-first, with the Read more...

The Man Behind the Pope

Posted 12:39pm Sunday 24th April 2016

Rating: 0/5 or anything less than zero, or the lowest letter grade possible Fresh from my Grandmother’s funeral mass and with great trepidation I marched into the theatre to watch a film about the head Catholic honcho, Jorge Mario Bergoglio, or as you know him, the incumbent Pope Francis. Read more...

Peggy Guggenheim: Art Addict

Posted 1:43pm Sunday 20th March 2016

Rating: A I’ll be up front - I loathed the character that is the subject of this documentary. However, it must be said that the film itself is very, very well made. If, like me you had never heard of Peggy Guggenheim, the short version is that she was the real-deal rock’n’roll Read more...


Posted 1:14pm Sunday 28th February 2016

Rating: B- After viewing this film, one is left with bruises from being bashed over the head with the themes. Carol is an adaptation of the novel The Price of Salt, which follows two women falling in love in 1950s USA. The social norms of that time and place, of course, do not permit Read more...


Posted 1:20pm Sunday 9th August 2015

Rating: 1/5 Disappointingly, it turns out that everything good in this movie was packed into the trailer. Diagnosed with terminal cancer, Damian Hayes (Ben Kingsley) is directed to Professor Albright (Matthew Goode) who tells him about “shedding” — a medical procedure where Read more...

Paper Planes

Posted 1:21pm Sunday 24th May 2015

Rating 1/5 Why do I care about Dylan’s paper plane quest? After 96 minutes, this question has not been answered. Paper Planes is about an average 12-year-old Australian boy called Dylan (Ed Oxenbould), whose dead mother imparted to him the gift of folding the perfect paper airplane. His Read more...

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