Dorian Joins Larry in Animal Heaven

Posted 2:29pm Sunday 29th September 2013

Two weeks ago, Dunedin was once again the scene of brutal animal violence. This time the victim was Dorian the rabbit. CCTV footage showed a man dressed all in black and wearing a beanie and gloves walking back and forth past the rabbit’s residence, a student flat on Arthur Street. Finally the Read more...

Words Superimposed Onto Ad

Posted 1:51pm Sunday 8th September 2013

This Saturday will host an event designed to bridge the gap between Dunedin’s “town and gown” student population and the general public. The Dunedin Craft Beer and Food Festival, to be held on 14 September, is described by the event organisers as “an evolving platform upon which craft brewers can Read more...

Alt Pub Just A Bit Too Breezy Ankles

Posted 3:48pm Sunday 1st September 2013

Last week was difficult for the bar Mou Very. The local watering hole for sweaty hipsters faced a public hearing last Wednesday after failing to meet the liquor licensing requirements. Mou Very was originally granted a temporary licence in February in order to allow the bar to operate while Read more...

OUSA Tries to Keep Q-Jitsu Secret

Posted 2:29pm Sunday 11th August 2013

Last week was OUSA Diversity Week, devoted to celebrating the diversity of Otago students and raising awareness and understanding of those who are queer or questioning. Different events, each focusing on queer support, were held every day of the week. The OUSA Queer Support group ran the Read more...

Little Girl Counts Dead Sheep

Posted 4:45pm Sunday 28th July 2013

Although police once thought burning couches was a serious crime, a new form of vandalism has caught their attention. A pet sheep was stolen, bashed, set on fire, and the dead body dumped back at its original Clermiston Ave residence in Dunedin last week. Police were called to the scene when Read more...

Proctology | Issue 17

Posted 4:45pm Sunday 28th July 2013

“Think a bit before you do these dumb things.” – the Proctor, every interview ever. This week in “Proctology” is uneventful. According to the Proctor, “everyone’s been pretty good.” The only reason for this would be the cold weather and the ensuing lack of general motivation. Having said Read more...

Illuminate Pain Party

Posted 3:59pm Sunday 21st July 2013

5,000 people attended the Illuminate Paint Party at Forsyth Barr Stadium on Wednesday night of Re O-Week. A combination of alcohol, drugs and large numbers of excited partygoers caused several injuries. Nobody was arrested at the party, but the injuries that occurred required medical Read more...

Weeding Out the Poor Performers

Posted 8:23pm Sunday 14th July 2013

In a sign of growing intolerance against drugs and alcohol in the workplace, wider testing mechanisms are being introduced for workers and beneficiaries. The New Zealand Government is set to introduce new requirements on 15 July whereby a beneficiary will need to test for various forms of drugs and Read more...

ODT Watch | Issue 11

Posted 2:26pm Sunday 12th May 2013

C ritic had only one issue of the odt to work with this week. for some reason, our supply of papers has dried up somewhat in recent days. Perhaps the result of some kind of toilet paper shortage resulting in the emergency redirection of bundles of Dunedin’s second-favourite rag, Critic expects the Read more...

Dunedin – New Zealand’s Detroit

Posted 2:26pm Sunday 12th May 2013

Students are to Dunedin what Instagram is to a tween: #important. Or, as the ODT wittily put it, Dunedin is New Zealand’s Detroit, if postgraduate and international student numbers are compared to car manufacturers: lose them and the economy loses, too. University of Otago lecturer Paul Read more...

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