Feelgood | Issue 05

Posted 5:30pm Sunday 23rd March 2014

Is it just me, or do all our public holidays blow massive elephant cock? (Seriously, Google elephant penis. Itís funny). Letís take our national holiday: now, I donít want to get into a deliriously redneck style here, but Waitangi Day makes me want to stab people. Thereís no public thing to do on Read more...

Feelgood | Issue 04

Posted 2:59pm Sunday 16th March 2014

If thereís one thing any red-blooded Kiwi male absolutely pisses his pants about, itís the prospect of a diplomatic dispute being resolved by horrific violence. Now through the magic of Old Media; I am coming to you from two weeks in the past, so itís entirely possible that by now Read more...

Feelgood | Issue 02

Posted 4:44pm Sunday 2nd March 2014

Comrades, at the time this article was written, Ellen Page (best known for her role as an irritating prego-hipster) had recently burst forth from the closet in a cloud of rainbows, glitter and k. d. lang records. Oh, good for her; I know a thing or two about being locked in a small enclosed space Read more...

Feelgood | Issue 01

Posted 6:57pm Sunday 23rd February 2014

A friend of mine was recently employed to be a man in a gorilla suit. Heís supposed to be encouraging the fine people of Dunedin (not to mention the multitude of raving lunatics who wander the streets curiously free of straight jackets) to ďGet Active!Ē with all the irritating enthusiasm of a Read more...

Diatribe | Issue 27

Posted 5:59pm Sunday 7th October 2012

Iíve never voted in the OUSA elections before, I didnít vote in the last one, and I am not alone. ďWhy?Ē you ask. ďWhat about democracy and studentsí rights and StudyLink and our ability to freely write chalk messages on the asphalt?Ē I donít know what the answer is. Perhaps itís because I like to Read more...

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