Let Us End With Some Porn

Posted 4:26pm Sunday 6th October 2013

There is a deeply-felt anxiety, shared by many girls, about the need for a “perfect” vagina. For many, this necessitates spending 50 dollars on a braz or bikini wax (that will last less than a fortnight) in the hope of fulfilling the desires – or even expectations – of their male counterparts. Read more...

The Deconstruction of a Gallery Opening’s Mystique

Posted 2:29pm Sunday 29th September 2013

The Dunedin art “scene” is often considered to be “underground.” Seen as the realm of the city’s “alty” citizens, there is a widespread public perception that few students would go out of their way for an artistic experience. However, for the entirety of last week Dunedin art pervaded the Read more...

Blue Oyster

Posted 2:39pm Sunday 15th September 2013

Blue Oyster is the hipster gallery of the Dunedin art scene. Bound to provide you with an interesting glimpse into local contemporary art, it has until now been somewhat of a hidden gem, tucked down an alleyway on Moray Place. However, it recently underwent a transformation, and on 30 August hosted Read more...

Hate Modern Art If You Want To

Posted 1:51pm Sunday 8th September 2013

In recent years, the concept of “art” has been expanded to the point where many feel as though they can no longer question a work’s artistic quality. Doing so implies that they are unable to discern the meaningful message hidden behind what appears to be a pile of rubbish in the middle of the Read more...

Gaga and the Art of Empty Pretention

Posted 3:48pm Sunday 1st September 2013

Lady Gaga’s recent nudist escapades are currently the cause of a social media frenzy many of you will have witnessed in some form or another. In the video The Abramovic Method practiced by Lady Gaga, she exposes her body for a supposedly artistic cause: rising to Marina Abromovic’s extended Read more...

Ukiyo-e, The Floating World

Posted 4:47pm Sunday 18th August 2013

The woodblock print The Great Wave off Kanagawa by Katsushika Hokusai (1760-1849), which features rolling, white-tipped waves, has become a legendary emblem of Japanese art. Having been heavily appropriated by artists such as Manet, Gaugin and Van Gogh, the influence of the distinctive woodblock Read more...

Jay Z: The Modern-Day Picasso

Posted 2:29pm Sunday 11th August 2013

For six straight hours one Wednesday afternoon, Shaun “Jay Z” Carter performed the track “Picasso Baby” from his latest album Magna Carta Holy Grail in a New York art gallery. Although the ulterior motive was to shoot a music video for the song, the entire project completely transcends this idea. Read more...

A Micronaut in the Wide World

Posted 3:50pm Sunday 4th August 2013

Hocken Library, 15 June – 10 August Exhibitions featuring an illustrator are few and far between. Depending on the number of bedtime stories you demanded as a kid, they can plunge you nostalgically back into childhood. Although he lived most of his adult life in London, Graham Percy Read more...

Café Art

Posted 4:45pm Sunday 28th July 2013

A friend of mine regularly teases me about being a “snob” when it comes to all things cultural. The best example of this snobbery I can give you is refusing to get coffee from the link – the aesthetics just don’t cut it. The counter-argument, however, is that having standards is not Read more...

Among the Machines

Posted 3:59pm Sunday 21st July 2013

The use of technology has become a natural part of our lives. However, the idea of technology manipulating nature itself and becoming a controlling, dominating force tends to sit a little uncomfortably. Among the Machines is one of the Dunedin Public Art Gallery’s (DPAG) major exhibitions for 2013 Read more...

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