Failient | Issue 07

The Miscommunication Issue

1) Salient’s sixth issue was on the theme of “Communication”. So when they devoted two full pages to an interview with a guy who gave a masterclass in how to use lot of words to say absolutely nothing, maybe it was an attempt at irony. Sample answer:

“If you recognise the sacredness of every individual, and position that individual within whatever social or community group they belong to, then you have a values base on which good law will be made.”

2) The obligatory Green-voting news writers of Wellington’s student magazine apparently wanted to Instagram their cake and Tweet it too. In a single news article they managed to criticise the Government’s revival of the youth wage from two incompatible angles.

First, the changes were unfair on older students, who would be unable to compete with the low cost of employing a kid on youth rates. But the article goes on to quote from a Labour Party press release made in the context of criticising youth rates for being unfair on young students, who would now be paid less. Overall communication: “Me Hate National.”

But this alone was not enough of a foot-in-mouth moment for Salient’s Communication Issue. A separate article on youth rates that attempted to cover the topic in a more balanced way inadvertently skewered Salient’s communication clusterfuck:

“Simon Bridges can’t have his cake and eat it too: either raising the minimum wage is a good thing, or it is a bad thing. Doing both just makes you look like a tool.”

This article first appeared in Issue 7, 2013.
Posted 5:49pm Sunday 14th April 2013 by Callum Fredric.