Te Roopu Māori Elections

José Maria de Eça de Queiroz said that “Politicians and diapers should be changed frequently, and for the same reason.”

Thank you to all those who turned up to the SGM, and for providing some constructive feedback to the proposed changes within the management system of Te Rito. Hopefully you are reading this before 5PM TUESDAY 25 SEPTEMBER, when nominations close for the seven positions available. Below is a summary of each position.

Tumuaki (President). Act as Mangai for Te Roopū; represent Te Roopū as a delegate of Te Mana Akonga and an ex officio on OUSA; establish a transparent relationship with Kapa Haka signatories and tutors; set policies; plan strategically; and maintain a good working relationship with Te Huka Matauraka.

Tumuaki Tuarua (Vice President) This new position will liaise with all divisional roopū on campus, facilitate the running and organisation of Te Huinga Tauira, facilitate the running and organisation of events during Orientation week, and be acting Tumuaki in the absence of the Tumuaki.

Kaitiaki Putea (Treasurer) will oversee the financial records of Te Roopu, and give monthly oral and written reports to a Hui a Te Rito as to the financial position of Te Roopu.

There are four general positions who have been given specific roles:

1. Communications Officer: Establish a relationship to liaise and engage with the Halls of residents regarding services and events provided Te Roopū, facilitate the advertising and marketing (and promotion) of services and events, write up bi-semester newsletter to send out to all Te Roopū Māori students

2. Welfare and recreation officer: Be responsible for the organisation of the social sports teams to be entered into the UNIPOL competition, organise inter-divisional Roopū sports events Māori, liaise and assist Māori Centre with their “Kai during Exams” initiative, and ensure that there is kai (healthy) provided at the whare.

3. Events/Socials: Be responsible in planning and executing Te Hokai (Ball) plan Re Orientation week and facilitate the running and organisation of Te Huinga Tauira.

4. Culture and Education: Facilitate the running and organisation of events during Te Wiki o Te Reo (Māori Language Week), facilitate the running and organisation of events during Matariki, facilitate study retreats during the exam and study period.

Another significant change was the implementation of hiring a secretary for sustainability and institutional knowledge who will take on the role around administration etc.

If you’re into student politics, then get amongst. Don’t be one of those hoha people who moan, help make a difference.

VOTING OPENS OCTOBER 1 from Maori Centre, OUSA and another venue to be confirmed.

Lisa xx
This article first appeared in Issue 25, 2012.
Posted 4:25pm Sunday 23rd September 2012 by Lisa Pohatu.