Otago Regional Councillor Calls Student “Entitled” Over Bus Fares

Posted 3:17pm Saturday 23rd March 2024 by Nina Brown

Last week, the Otago Regional Council (ORC) voted 5-7 not to extend the half price bus fares. In what would normally be a one-liner headline in the TL;DR, Critic sniffed a story when we were forwarded an email chain between law student Grace and Councillor Michael Laws, who attacked her character Read more...

Slimy Nitrate Monster Running for Otago Regional Council

Posted 6:38pm Friday 2nd September 2022 by Nina Brown

Slime, a “nitrate monster” that describes itself as “green, slimy, and luscious,” wants to be the first non-human on the Otago Regional Council (ORC). Its goal? Money, at all costs. Graciously, Slime took a break from busily expanding its reign over Aotearoa’s waterways Read more...

Transport Upgrades Won’t Change Prices

Posted 11:13am Sunday 10th May 2015 by Amber Allott

The Otago Regional Council has met to discuss a transport plan for Otago and Southland, detailing the transport priorities from 2015 to 2021. For Dunedin, the plans include the building of a new central bus hub and protected cycling lanes along State Highway 1. The areas of focus for Dunedin, Read more...

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