Local Produce: Man Ray

Posted 12:45am Monday 24th May 2021 by Annabelle Vaughan

Named after the famous surrealist photographer and the Spongebob villain, Man Ray is one of Dunedin’s newest live bands. Man Ray sat down with Critic to talk about what it’s like gigging around Dunedin, the process of creating music, and their goal to create safe spaces for everyone Read more...

Local Produce: Sam Charlesworth: A Bedroom Is All You Need

Posted 4:58pm Sunday 16th May 2021 by Sean Gourley

Sam Charlesworth is a fresher studying Studio Production, Marine Science, and Te Reo Māori here at Otago. With just “a few mics and an interface,” he has recorded a huge amount of music and has recently started playing gigs around Dunedin. Sam records all of his songs without Read more...

Local Produce: Night Lunch

Posted 3:45pm Monday 26th April 2021 by Sean Gourley

Night Lunch are a Dunedin duo of Liams made famous by the smash hit music video for their song House Full of Shit. The band features the uniquely minimalist combo of Liam Hoffman on drums and Liam Clune on a home-made instrument called a diddly bow. Hoffman has finished Uni but Clune has come back Read more...

Local Produce: Scott Tisdall Is Making Potatoes Instafamous

Posted 1:20am Monday 19th April 2021 by Sean Gourley

Scott Tisdall is an Otago student who moonlights growing moonlight potatoes on his family farm. Using Instagram as a platform, he is gradually expanding his operation to bring locally grown potatoes to the tables of starving students. Last season, he gave 33% of his profits to the cancer society. We Read more...

Local Produce: Paddy Patterns

Posted 12:40am Sunday 11th April 2021 by Susana Jones

Paddy Patterns are just a pair of gals who make the loveliest handmade clothes (mostly tops) from funky, retro, preloved materials. Emily and Allie, both students at Otago, are the big brains behind Paddy Patterns. “We’ve been friends since year seven. We started making some very Read more...

Local Produce: Judah Kelly

Posted 1:35pm Sunday 21st March 2021 by Fox Meyer

Dunedin-raised Judah Kelley believes that building your own power and voice is important, and that music is a way to share that message with anyone who wants to listen. “It’s a better message to send than just another sad song,” she said. She continues to be a local crowd-pleaser, Read more...

Local Produce: Zena Burgess, owner of Zen Blu Jewellery

Posted 12:24pm Sunday 14th March 2021 by Annabelle Vaughan

Zen Blu necklaces look like what would happen if you told a mermaid to pull apart some 70s jewellery and make it into something magical. The brightly coloured plastic beads sit alongside pearls, seashells and (presumably) enchanted symbols. On the Instagram page, the necklaces are edited onto a Read more...

Local Produce: Sometime Winner

Posted 10:35pm Saturday 6th March 2021 by Annabelle Vaughan

As the saying goes, you win some, you lose some. This mantra rings especially true for one of Dunedin’s newest up and coming acts, Sometime Winner.  The five-piece line up consists of lead singer Louis (who dubs himself Kid Freeman on the Mic), guitarist Silas, violinist Rose, bassist Read more...

Local Produce: Hazel from Copper Coffee

Posted 11:31pm Tuesday 2nd March 2021 by Erin Gourley

Food trucks are a terrifying concept. You take a whole cafe and squeeze it into a small box on wheels, then drive that box around to different places. Hazel Combs is a student who is out there doing that. She is in the final year of a Politics degree, and decided after the lockdown last year that Read more...

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