Syrian Forces Capture Vital ISIS Stronghold

Posted 10:48am Sunday 3rd April 2016 by Hugh Baird

After days of fighting, Syrian Government forces backed by Russian airstrikes, have re-taken the ancient city of Palmyra from the Islamic State.  Syrian Observatory for Human Rights director, Rami Abdulrahman confirmed that over 400 Islamic State militants where killed, with around 180 Read more...

ISIS Deputy Killed in US Airstrike

Posted 11:04am Sunday 30th August 2015 by Oliver Gaskell

The deputy leader of ISIS has been killed in an American airstrike on Tuesday 18 August, near Mosul, in Iraq.  Ned Price, a spokesperson for the US National Security Council, made the announcement in a statement from the White House on Friday 21 August. “Fadhil Ahmad al-Hayali, also Read more...

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