Business School Exam Errors Called Out

Posted 5:38pm Saturday 11th May 2024 by Gryffin Powell

Successive errors in finance paper mid-term exams in 2023 and 2024 have prompted the Business School to take “further action” to ensure they’re mistake-free in the future. While most students may experience one or two exam errors in their degree (hey, mistakes happen), for Commerce Read more...

Crossword Trauma Leads to Plea for Hyde Tickets

Posted 5:14pm Sunday 21st April 2024 by Hugh Askerud

The Hyde hustle has been strong this year, with some twisting the “trauma” of repeated Critic crossword errors (soz) into a bid for tickets. A flat of four sent an email last Monday after spotting the latest typo to Critic Editor Nina and OUSA President Keegan, claiming it had Read more...

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