Eggspiracy Afoot!

Posted 7:28pm Sunday 26th May 2024 by Jonathan McCabe

Students are concerned an eggspiracy is afoot after Farmer Brown launched a campaign selling eight packs of eggs in LEGO block shaped cartons. Concerns have also been raised about the environmental impact of the cartons, with student murmurs protesting the lack of environmental impetus the egg Read more...

Game of Throwns

Posted 1:32pm Sunday 5th March 2023 by Hugh Askerud

There is something distinct in the Otago student spirit which inevitably leads to a bottle, egg, or other assorted item being thrown in the streets of studentville. Maybe it's the Leith’s unyielding supply of inedible trout which spawned the madness, or perhaps the bountiful amount of food Read more...

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