The Cannabis Referendum: Why Young People Are Pro Legalisation

Posted 8:27pm Thursday 13th August 2020

The cannabis referendum - which is taking place next month, simultaneously with the general election - is about more than just whether or not you want to blaze up with your mates.  On 19 September, every voter will choose ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to the Cannabis Legalisation and Read more...

PSA: On-Campus Food Gets Discounted in the Afternoon

Posted 10:00pm Thursday 30th July 2020

Food available at cafes and restaurants on campus is cheaper towards the end of the day. A Critic reporter was pleasantly surprised to discover that their sandwich cost $2.50 rather than $5.00. Saint David’s cafe, Albany Cafe and other university-owned cafes all offer different deals to Read more...

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Jackson Burgess